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90% Water Saved

Our usable water supply in the world is finite and it is left up to us to conserve. This is why we use hydroponics: 69% of the world's water is spent on agriculture, and since the uprising of hydroponics, there has been a shift due to the fact that it can use up to 90% less water. Investing into this product does not just mean improving your personal interior design, but also into the idea of environmentally sustainability.


The AquaBox

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Sustainable and Eco-Friendly


The lack of living space in urban environments is the primary contributor to the inaccessibility of organic produce. However, our technology allows for the same amount of produce to be grown in 1/4 of the space, allowing for you to enjoy your same organic produce but not taking up your whole living area.

90% Water Saved


1/4 The Space


   2X The Speed